2020: “Like a Machine” - solo exhibition at Yafo Creative Gallery, Tel Aviv. Curator: Amnon Ron.


2021: Upcoming August, Xxijra Hii, HDL, London. Curator: Ema O'Donovan.

2021: March MOCAN's TMP1: "Radical" Thoughts, Nashville U.S. Curator: Brooke Hoffert. 
2020: “50 Shades Of Yellow” - group exhibition at Al ha Tsuk 09 Gallery, Netanya. Curator: Dr. Guy Morag Tzepelewitz.
2019: “Time Limit” - multidisciplinary art event at Jerusalem Blvd Tel Aviv. Curator: Dafna Kron.
2019: “The Caged Eagle's Death Dream” - group exhibition at The Refrigerator Gallery, Tel Aviv. Curator: Iris Pshedezki.
2019: Fresh Paint 11, Contemporary Art Fair, Tel Aviv. Artistic director and curator: Yifat Gurion.
2018: “Cube 5” - installation at a multidisciplinary art event at Beit - Ariela Tel Aviv. Curator: Blender Group.
2018: “A Lioness's Hand” - graduation exhibition at basis art and culture, Basis Gallery, Herzliya.
2017: “The Neighbor's Grass is Always Greener” - photographs as part of a group
exhibition at Weil Center, Kfar Shemaryahu. Curators: Dr. Guy Morag Tzepelewitz and
Keren Shpilsher.
2017: "Rajah" - photography exhibition at the The Studio Theater, Haifa and at Ein Hashofet Center.
2017: “Home” - photography installation as part of a multidisciplinary art event at Bascula, Tel Aviv. Curator: Blender Group.



2021: Gilbert Bayes scholarship award, London, UK
2019: The Yehoshua Rabinovich Foundation for the Arts.


2019-2020: Yafo Creative Tel Aviv, one year artist residency program. Included residence, production support, studio, and solo exhibition.


2020-2022: MFA Fine Art Goldsmiths, University of London.
2016-2018: Basis School of Arts and Culture, Herzliya.
2015-2016: Midrasha Faculty of Arts, Beit Berl College.

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